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Do you find yourself…

• Feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, or anxious

• Thinking every day life feels like groundhog day - the same thing, over and over…stuck in a rut.

• Struggling to get through your day without going without several cups of coffee or a bottle of wine.

• Feeling frustrated, crying at the drop of a hat.

Dreading the thought of going back to your job one more day

Feeling numb, flat-lined and unable to remember the last time you were moved to tears or laughed til you nearly (or actually did!) pee your pants.

If you see yourself in any of these statements, you’re in the right place. I understand. I have been where you are.

So, what is Soulful Self Care?

It’s a holistic practice for living your life from the inside out, by cultivating a deep connection with your HIgher Self that includes:

• Listening to your deepest wisdom

• Following your intuitive intelligence

• Nurturing your body and Soul

You may see yourself in my story. Looking back, I realize I spent most of my life with some level of worry, fear or anxiety. I thought it was “normal” to feel like this. I was stuck in “people-pleasing” mode, and was constantly worried about everyone else’s well-being, all while making sure NOT to ruffle anyone’s feathers! Ultimately, my health deteriorated into severe anxiety and panic attacks.

I knew I couldn’t live this way any longer and began a search for a better way. In this new world I began to experience the healing power of my breath, essential oils, yoga, meditation, healthy nutrition, and awareness of my thoughts and energy to care for my body. And I found my way through to the other side, back to vibrancy and love for life!

When we work together through coaching, energy work, yoga, and the power of essential oils, you will strengthen your awareness of your inner, Soulful Self —so you can live life from a place of conscious awareness, balance, embodied presence, and joy!

So say YES to shifting your life for the better RIGHT NOW! There’s no time like the present to feel amazing!


My Favorite Summer Self Care Tips

Jun 25, 2019

“Mary helped me to take steps to improve my life and my contribution to the world. The process feels so productive, life-affirming, and transformative precisely because in working with Mary, I began doing something tangible and monitoring my progress toward better results. She was such a great partner on this journey, providing gentle guidance and insight throughout the process.”

— Heather Fester, PhD

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