Corporate Wellness Programs

Companies and organizations face the ongoing challenge of supporting their workforce/members to remain engaged, passionate and healthy.

In addition, a constant rise in health insurance and health care costs, it is imperative for organizations to support their members to be at their best.

Often the underlying issue in performance and engagement is related to stress. Studies show that 40-85% of US employees report stress impacting their work life.

According to the American Institute of Stress,

Job stress is costly. Job Stress carries a price tag for U.S. industry estimated at over $300 billion annually as a result of:



Employee turnover

Diminished productivity

Direct medical, legal, and insurance costs

Workers’ compensation awards as well as tort and FELA judgments

There are many ways to support your employees or members in reducing the impact of stress and build resiliency. I take a holistic approach by helping your employees/members create a more balanced and integrated life at work and at home through creating Self-Care practices My programs are designed to provide an experience for participants, not just talking at them. I incorporate a variety of holistic wellness topics to create self care including: mindset shifts, meditation/mindfulness, breathe work, yoga, essential oils, health eating and general wellness practices.

Listed below are a sample of topics available. I frequently work with clients to customize programs to ensure it meets your exact needs.

Wellness topics for lunch and learns, workshops, breakouts and keynotes:

Compassion Fatigue/Burn out

Stress Management

The Wisdom of Work Life Balance

Living with Passion and Purpose

Self-Care 101


Eating for Energy

Essential Oils for Stress, Health and Productivity


Breath work

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