Soulful Self Care at the deepest levels is all about gaining clarity and insight into yourself. Whether you feel it in this moment or not, you are complete, you are enough, and you have all the answers you need within you.

My role is to help you uncover, reveal and come to know for yourself these truths. To be guided in your life every day, every moment from your own Divine inner wisdom.

You will:

Get clarity around what you really want

Establish sacred space for your own self-care

Embody your true wisdom and knowing

Feel stronger and more confident—from the inside out

Listen to and honor your intuition

Deepen your connection to self and others

Discover your passions and sacred purpose

Learn to use essential oils to support you

“I had been thinking for quite some time that something was missing from my life and that there just had to be more for me. I knew it to my core, but had not idea what it was or how to find it. I have always believed that people appear in your life when you need them most, and Mary is proof for me. I had run into her around town a few times, been in conversations where her name kept coming up, and then one emotionally lost day I opened a local magazine straight to her advertisement. That was all I needed, my sign, and the moment I knew I need to reach out to her. Since working with Mary as my coach, I have been on an incredible journey to self-love and discovery. She has taught me how to see past the destruction of a cluttered and confused mind so that I can feel my heart and identify what truly makes me a happy and content woman.”

— Dawn Nicklas / Business Owner

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