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My Favorite Summer Self Care Tips

It is official! Summer 2019 has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere. We celebrated the beautiful summer solstice last week and now we welcome in summer.

Of course here in the Midwest where I live, we are still a literally bogged down with rain, storms and flooding. While I don’t look forward to upper 90’s with humidity of 95%, honestly we can use a little drying out, so I welcome the hot sun for a while.


Happy Summer Solstice!

For centuries cultures have marked this day and many have built structures honoring and celebrating the gifts provided by the strength and light of the Sun. Think Stonehenge.

Our western, modern world mostly moves right on past this day without much attention. Even though as a modern culture we tend to just go about our business on this day, it does not mean that their is not a potency and significance to the energy of the day.


Are you ready for the "big stuff"?

It has been a crazy couple of weeks here in the Midwest. As you are either personally experiencing or have heard on the news, we have had literally hundreds of tornadoes come through and now our rivers are overflowing resulting in major flooding.

In fact, I was visiting Jefferson City, MO (where I lived for 34 years) during the devastating tornado last week. I was asleep at my dad's home...


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