Full Moon

I’ve been wonky, worked up, freaking out a bit the last couple days. Oh yeah and tired, cranky and teary, too.

I find myself questioning every aspect of my life, all my choices.

Am I really a good coach, should I just go back to corporate America? Is this networking marketing gig I have going really the right thing for me? What the hell is wrong with me that I can’t seem to get motivated to shed this weight I’ve gained in the last year. Am I the shittiest mom? Where’d all my friends go? And what the hell is up with my hair?

I’m telling you… doubt and judgment are shining their darkness on EVERY aspect of my life the last few days.

I was texting with a dear friend this morning and sharing a bit of how I was feeling and asking for some girlfriend time (always a boost!). She forwarded me a web link sharing some insight on today’s full moon. Wow, what I read on that post perfectly described what I was feeling.

The moon is in Virgo and moving to Pisces (I am not an astrology expert, just repeating what I read!) and this move creates an energy for us to go into judgment, fear, perfectionism and the like. The “what if” monster seems to take over.

So maybe I’m not really going as crazy as I feel!

I think I’ll just blame it all on the full moon.

Okay, maybe “blame” is being a little harsh; after all, the moon is just doing what it does. The truth is realizing and remembering the power of the energies of the full moon and its influence on this internal battle allowed me a moment of relief. A chance to halt the downward spiral. Reminding me to step back and breathe. Come into the present moment. Let the crazy-making thoughts float on by and remember that this too shall pass!

I loved the reminder one of the readings on the site had for us:

“Do not project out into the future. You are not there yet. You can scare yourself with the ‘What if’s.’ Stay present. The past is history. The future is a mystery. The present is the gift. Your power and effectiveness are in the now.” – Kelley Rosano

Amen Sista!

It always, always, always comes back to the basics of being present.

Happy Full Moon!

By the way you can read the full article here.