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Passion and abundance are the elements of the pure love lifestyle, and sacred circles represent an opportunity to connect, share inspiration, and bond with women who share each other’s joy and challenges. These small groups are perfect crucibles to form transformative energy, and often the gateway to big, positive changes. In a container of love and support with Mary guiding the conversation, women will join together to make new friends, support each other, and develop community.

Circle topics may include the power of community, self-love, self-care, nutrition, healthy aging, finding inner peace, stepping into our feminine energy, positivity, dissolving fear, and celebrating life transitions.

Join me for this month’s Sisterhood Circle

Bringing the Love to the Holidays


For most of us the holiday season is a bit of a mixed bag.  We love it and we sort of dread it.

I know for me, I crave my holiday season to be something more than just running around from store to store buying stuff or going from one event to the next and not really enjoying any of them.

I want a holiday season that feels good. That I feel connected and tap into the amazing energy of this time of year.  This energy is not about a specific religious ideology or practice. It’s bigger than that.

It is a special time of year that we get to feel the magic up close and personal.

So how do we do that in such a commercialized, hectic, drama filled modern time?

We come together in our Sisterhood Circle to create a space for a holiday season to be heartfelt, experienced from the inside out with love, joy and compassion for ourselves and others.

If you want a holiday season that feels better, join me for this free call this week. My goal for the Sisterhood Circle’s is to create a sacred space for us to come together to share, commune and connect with each other and to our own hearts and live life with more love.”

The date is Wednesday November 18th.

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