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It’s not easy to figure out what exactly your body wants and needs, especially when it seems as if it is always changing. When our lives transition, our bodies need different things to nourish them. This program was developed to educate you on how to nourish yourself, no matter where you are at on your life’s journey. You’ll leave the program armed with amazing, easy to prepare recipes and knowledge that will transform you life.

Each module consists of 2-4 sessions and goes deeper into the overall topic.  You may choose the whole module, or pick and choose sessions within each module. The  modules have been developed to build on each other; however, sessions can easily be adapted as a single session.  In addition, there is a list of topics that are specifically designed as one-time sessions to choose from.


Each session includes lecture/teaching along with experiential exercises to further engage your employees.   Food samples and a cooking demonstration are also options.

These programs can be conducted in a lunch and learn, webinar or workshop format.

Module I—Building a Foundation for Long Term Health

Session 1:  Finding your Why?

In order to begin to make real changes in our life, we have to have a “why”.  During this session we will talk about the importance of discovering the why of eating and living a healthy lifestyle.  In addition, we will begin to explore the concept of non-dieting and will set personal goals for the program.

  • Why is being healthy important to you.
  • Change principles
  • Why diets do not work
  • Setting personal goals for the program

Session 2:  You are what you eat!

This session will discuss physiology and what happens in the body when we eat our food.  This is a foundation building session to help individuals gain knowledge and appreciation of the healing and harming potential of food.

  • Make Your Food Your Medicine
  • Basics of how our body uses food

Sessions 3 & 4: Bio-Individuality/Intuitive Eating part 1 & 2

Sessions 3 & 4 cover principles and techniques to begin to follow our own innate instincts for eating and living a healthy lifestyle.  Techniques for learning to listen to our own body and its natural signals will be taught.  Discussion will include:

  • Using our senses while eating
  • Eating postures
  • Food and self judgment
  • Recognizing and feeling our fullness
  • Listening to your body’s cues and clues
Module 2:  Eating Real Food

Session 1: Basic principles of eating real foods

In this session I will lay out some basic, general recommendations for healthier eating that can be broadly applied to all individuals.  These principles are a foundation for eating healthy and we will build on them in the remaining sessions in this module.

Session 2:  Carbohydrates: Fruits/Vegetables/Grains

This session will provide information on the different carbohydrate sources, the importance of carbohydrates and their function in the body.  I will provide specific information on each category: fruit, vegetables, grains. Information on selecting, preparing and storing fruits, vegetables and whole grains will be provided.  Food samples for tasting and recipes can be included.

Session 3:  Proteins/Fats

This session will cover healthy protein and fat sources and will include the importance of this food group in our health.  Each category will be covered along with information on selecting, preparing and storing.  Samples will be demonstrated and recipes can be provided.

Session 4: Deconstructing Cravings

Cravings are one of the biggest barriers most of us have to eating healthy.  This session will discuss why we have cravings and strategies for decreasing them.  The main focus will be on sugar cravings as this is one of the biggest challenges most individuals face, however, I will also cover salt and other cravings as well.

Module 3:  Lifestyle

Having laid the foundation for eating healthy, now it is time to add in the rest of the story!  Being healthy is not just about the food we eat.  In fact, a person could eat the most healthy, organic diet, but if other areas of their life are troubling, they will not be healthy.  In this module we begin to discuss Primary Food™ and its impact on our overall health and wellbeing.

Session 1: Movement/Physical Activity

We will discuss the importance of and ways to add healthy and fun movement/physical activity in our life on a regular basis.  I will discuss the impact on the body that physical activity and movement play and will provide information on many options available to add in more activity.

Session 2:  Relationships/Career/Spirituality

Our relationships, work and our spirituality are also key to our health and wellbeing.   We will do an exercise to help assess these areas of our life and begin to learn strategies for improving areas we want to improve.   Spirituality is included in the section, however, this is not a discussion of religions nor will any particular religion will be discussed.  We will focus on spirituality as a connection to something bigger than ourselves and that each person defines what that means to them.

  • Connection and impact with food
  • Circle of Life exercise

Session 3: Food and Mood

This session will focus on the impact food has on our mood and our interactions.  This session brings together several ideas from the other sessions and brings it full circle.

Session 4: Menu planning/Food shopping

The objective in this session is to provide easy tools and strategies for meal planning and shopping.  Shopping for healthy food can seem overwhelming and there are many traps we can get caught up in.  I will include information on how you can eat healthy and stay on a budget.  Participants will be provided several tools that will be of help as they learn to be savvy healthy shoppers.  Eating healthy can be fun!

Module 4:  Managing Stress

Stress is one of the number one causes of all major diseases we face as Americans.  A wellness program is not complete without working on strategies to reduce stress.  Employees are doing more with less at work and home and the effects impact us in significant ways.

Session 1:  Stress Management 101

This session covers the basics of stress with an overview of how it impacts our body and our health.  I will provide information on the physiologic response of stress and it correlates to health issues.

  • What is stress and how is it affecting me?
  • Acute and chronic stress
  • Stress self assessment
  • Basic breath work

Session 2:  Tools for Taming Stress

This session will cover practical tools that can be used in daily life to reduce the negative impact of stress on our health.  We will cover relaxation techniques, humor, journaling, movement/physical activity, nutrition, and thought patterns just to name a few.   We will end with a guided relaxation exercise.

Additional Single Session Topics

As mentioned previously, in addition to the wellness program modules listed above, here are some additional topic options you can choose from. These can be a 20-30 minute presentation or expanded to one hour or longer.  Some topics can be combined for a longer “workshop” type program.

Single Topic Options:

  • Work/Life Integration
  • Boosting your Immunity
  • Mindfulness in Life and Work
  • Shake Your Sugar Cravings
  • Compassion Fatigue
  • Stress Management 101
  • Eating for Energy
  • Satisfying the Hunger for Life
  • Super Foods
  • Living Selfull-Living with Passion and Purpose
  • Healthy Grocery shopping 101 (includes label reading)
  • Healthy Eating 101
  • Easy, breezy meal planning
  • The Skinny on Fat
  • Eat Carbs without Guilt
  • Cooking Demonstration (will cover 2 easy, healthy recipes)
  • Slow Down to Slim Down- 4 part series