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I have more energy and am more mindful of what I eat and how I feel when eating. I am more aware of my emotional/stress eating and alternatives to this. When I look back at the moment I made the decision to do this fore myself, I feel proud and empowered. Your program taught me so much about nutrition, wellness and well being, and you also helped me find the courage to make some important changes in my life that are enabling me to live a healthier and happier life.  So thank you very much! I highly recommend this program if you have struggled with self-image or with your health.

Mary Roling


This program completely changed my lifestyle. I lost more than 25 pounds, began eating gluten-free and started exercising. During this program, I changed my outlook on food. I now understand the relationship between food and my body and I make positive healthy choices. I have more energy and a positive outlook… I feel like a new person!

Revee White

Communications Program Specialist

I used to tell myself that if I had the proper business training and learn how to operate my business more proficiently, then my personal issues of being unorganized, tired, overweight and unhappy would go away.  Not True! Business training helped me take care of the business, but it didn’t support my personal self.

Through Mary’s coaching I’m learning about the foods that are good for me to reach my goal of a healthy lifestyle, but I’m also realizing the value of slowing down, taking care of myself and putting me first is okay.  It feels good creating that balanced life I’ve always dreamt of.

Joan Prenger

Owner, Studio 1 Salon

I enjoyed the work I did with Mary so much!  I love her relaxing style and an atmosphere where you can relax and let the ideas flow.  Mary helped me organize and focus on my dreams.  Before I worked with Mary I thought of things I wanted or wanted to do.  My thoughts were not organized.  After our work together I now have something tangible that I can look at to keep that inspiration going.  Mary is fun and light-hearted but she is also determined to continue her mission to help others.  Her work can help you change your life.

Joan Kramer


Mary gave me the tools I needed to help me focus on being more centered so that I could start the process of discovering the reasons for my weight gain.  She created a program based on my individual needs and worked with my family’s hectic schedule to create what would work best us.  She taught me about delicious healthier foods to eat and easier/faster ways to prepare them.  Her support carried me throughout the 6 months and I am a better person than I was when I started, which makes me better for my family.

I would recommend Mary to everyone.  Not only is she well educated and trained to guide you through your journey, but her compassion and honest love for people shows in each session.

Debra Morgan

Administrative Assistant

No single other service has offered a better sense that I am actually taking steps to improve my life and my contribution to the world.  It feels so productive, life-affirming, and transformative precisely because in working with her I began doing something tangible and monitoring the progress toward better results.  She was such a great partner on this journey, and her guidance is gentle and insightful throughout the process.

Heather Fester, Ph.D.


I just want to take a few minutes to send you a short note to let you know how much I enjoyed the Soothe Your Soul Retreat.

The day was planned out so well and encourages me to continue to really think about what I really want out of my life and to look at why I do what I do when I do it on a daily basis.  I come to realize that most times I go forward each day making choices out of habit and not really thinking about what other choices I may have or if the choices I am making are really helping me achieve any goals that I have set for myself to achieve a balanced life.

I hope to attend more of your retreats in the future!!!

Again, thank you.

Joan Imhoff

Working with Mary has been a wonderful experience. She helped me to focus on my long-term goals and provided tools and strategies to turn them into successes. Her individualized approach was a wonderful change from the cookie-cutter methods used by most weight loss programs.

Katrina Kline, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Physics, Stephens College

Mary confirms what we know to be true; which is to place attention on our passions and letting it happen with trust.  Mary explains the process with clarity; and the process is sensible, inspiring and easy to apply.

L. Janes

This was a valuable and insightful exercise and I would highly recommend it to others. Thank you, Mary!

K. Brasel

It is worthwhile to pause and reflect in this way about one’s life.

B. Marsalli

I enjoyed the process of delving into my center.  Mary has an engaging, easy flow in guiding us through this process.

J. Heller

I invested in the Passion Test coaching with Mary, who exudes love, a kind energy and provides a strong framework to get to your core. I think sometimes in life we all find ourselves outside our comfort zone or in unchartered waters–Mary can help you navigate the ship and tap into your passions to fuel the journey. By being open to the process and letting go of perfection, the most amazing discoveries were made. Mary is an awesome guide! #gratitude
Laura Bennett-Smith