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Menopause Mavensbook_3d_MM

If you have suffered from dripping sweat attacks, felt your moods swing like a sword, and watched your hips swell like the doughnuts you crave… then step forward and join your over-heated sisters! The Menopause Mavens began like most cool things do—a conversation between friends, and a coincidence. That moment of “What, you too?!?” quickly led to deeper conversation—and more questions than answers. Mary joins as a contributing author with other amazing woman in search for truth about this mystery that every woman endures—often in silence, without support, never really having been told just what is going on. The Menopause Mavens is a powerful group of women dedicated to two truths:

  1. The more you know about perimenopause and menopause, the better your chance of finding your unique solution.
  1. Together, women can not only survive menopause, but we can use the power of this sacred time in our lives to transform, find our purpose, and live our dreams.

We are stories and inspiration, compassion and community. We are in menopause. And we are ok with it. Join us.

Only $9.99 for the e-version here!

Only $14.99 + S&H for the paperback version here!