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There is no doubt that business success begins with the individual. Every incredible, successful product once started as an innovation and inspiration at the individual level-an idea brewed in the mind of one being. Organizations depend on teams and structures to execute their plans, of course, and healthy, enthusiastic individuals are the essential links in the corporate chain.

Consultants grow rich trying to find the “secret” to the bottom line, that positive space where employees thrive and profits increase every year. Reams of statistics make the problem clear: solutions are hard to find.

The dynamic principle behind PL Business Small  is a radical departure from consultant speak and traditional motivational exercises. Key touchstones such as good nutrition and an exercise routine are critical, as is a mindfulness practice, utilized both at work and at home.

The difference between Mary Shackelford and others center on one important principle: love should not be a “bad word” in the corporate world.

purelove is the energy of creativity, determination and connection-a vitality every business must have to thrive in our ever changing world.

purelove means employees that enjoy their work, and naturally fit into their most productive roles, and leaders who are brave enough to stand for the highest vibration for their employees.

purelove is open, non judgemental, and alive with potential!

purelove is built upon these simple touchstones:

  • Community & Connection
  • Simple & Solid nutrition
  • Stress Relief
  • Passion
  • Purpose
  • Positivity

Our programs emphasize a whole person approach to wellness and cover a variety of topics that impact your employees’ health, well-being and happiness.  Our goal is to help you support your employees in creating a healthier life, a more efficient day, and reduced stress in the work environment.

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All businesses start from a place of passion, right?  This program is designed to help you get very clear about exactly what is important to you in your experience as a business owner. Through this clarity you will obtain a road-map for decision making in your business and in your life that can help you reach the success and happiness you desire.

Every individual has unique gifts and a unique purpose in life.

Every company provides a unique value to its customers, clients and the world.

ASAP Engagement™ offers companies of any size the ability to systematically create alignment between the work passions of its employees with the mission and passions of the company. The result is a passionate, engaged workforce made up of people who are excited about coming to work every day and that maximizes productivity, innovation, retention and bottom line profits.