Why my tears were a good thing

It can be difficult sometimes to step up for ourselves, to care for ourselves deeply. To put that flag in the ground and own our happiness and the love inside us. I know because I have been there and still am. Last night I cried on the phone with my husband because I was feeling selfish for taking some time at our lake place while he is home working, for not having an outside job for extra money while growing my business.

He let me cry and reminded me that it is more than okay that I am here, where I am and what I am doing in this world…that I am honoring myself (and sharing my journey with others) and that’s the most important thing in this life experience. So I cried a bit while he held space for me and then came back to my breath…back to my Essential Self. Back to my knowing.

BTW…need I say how much I love this man!?

The truth is I knew it all along… but sometimes our mind get so strong and completely overrides what the heart and soul know. I have learned that no matter how loud the chatter in the mind gets, if I come back to my breath it re-centers me.

I have a wise teacher that says tears are signs of transformation. I have had a lot of transformation in the last year and I know that my tears last night were just another opportunity to further anchor my truth. To further anchor my knowing and living from my heart, even if it collides with outside world expectations. Every time I have these moments of doubt…when I come out the other side that anchoring has taken hold even stronger.

I woke up today feeling more grounded, and even more committed to living my life authentically and from my heart. So I thank the tears, I thank the mind for stirring up all the doubt and fear so I could bring them to my heart and burn them up with love…the love that I AM.

I share this post because I know that we ALL go through this as we move through our journey and as we open up to our Divine Self… moments when the mind fights us so hard that we lose connection with her just for a moment, or a day or a week or even decades.

YOU are not alone in this constant tug between the heart and the mind. WE are in this together. Because once we start down the journey of opening to living a life of Pure Love…there is no going back…just some hills and valleys and a few hairpin curves to navigate…but no going back.

As I reflected on my experience of last night, I wanted to reach out to you because you may be experiencing something similar and I want you to know you are not alone… you are not crazy…or selfish…or whatever painful adjective you might be using. You are a beautiful Soul who is stretching and unfolding into your True Self.  Tears and doubt are part of that unfolding…so is joy and happiness and dancing.

I so want to make sure you feel supported in this journey. As much work and transformation as I have done, I still seek support to hold the space for me when I can’t seem to do it for myself.

This is why I host retreats and workshops, so you can connect with a community of women to hold the space for you. If you want some dedicated time to come back and connect with your heart…come spend a weekend with me, by the river, with the trees, eating yummy food and being loved and supported by sisters on this journey. It promises to be transformational…with a little fun thrown for good measure. Click here for details.

Here’s to navigating this journey with love and grace and some transformational tears!