Thanksgiving Wish for You

IMG_1970I want to wish you a beautiful, heartfelt, love-filled Thanksgiving Day.  If you are not in the US…I wish you a beautiful, heartfelt, love-filled Thursday!

It is hard for me to believe the holiday season is already upon us. What the heck happened to 2015?

This time of year is magical and it can also by CRAZY!  Often in the midst of the craziness the first thing that flies out the window is quiet time, stillness, sacred time for our heart.

I know that despite all the challenges we face in this world, all the news reports of events that can lead us to so much pain, to wondering how this world will heal…the answer is LOVE.

So my wish for you this Thanksgiving is that you allow yourself to connect deeply with your heart–your spirit and allow the love that you are to flow through you and be expressed in your words and actions on this day of Thanksgiving.

If we lead with love in our life, if we bring that to our job, to our love life, to our parenting, to our interaction with strangers in the store…then the world will shift.  We have that power. And it starts with you and me. It starts with a deep breath, connecting to your heart and allowing it to guide.This plaque hangs on the wall going down my stairs. A regular reminder of the truth!

So on this beautiful Thanksgiving Day, I am with you in Love.

With passion and peace,