My secret dream to be a Rock star and how I made it come true this weekend

Yep…I did it! I got to be a rock start this past weekend.

Yesterday was my birthday! I have come to absolutely love my birthdays and make a conscious effort to really celebrate myself. I plan things I love and try to be with people I love. Yesterday I played with my dogs, Skyped with a dear friend, answered numerous sweet phone calls with birthday wishes, went to yoga class, basked in all the Facebook happy birthday messages, ate a healthy lunch, went on a walk and had dinner with one of my best friends and capped it off with a movie snuggled on my couch.

It was an awesome day.

But the BIG thing I gave myself for my birthday was saying yes several weeks ago to something called COMO Ladies Rock Camp. I had no idea what I was saying yes to really except the promise of being on stage at the end and performing like a rock star!

I was so excited about that prospect when I saw the post about this camp online that I could not register fast enough.  My heart said yes before my mind to could come up with all the reasons not to. Thanks goodness I have learned to listen to my heart first.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE music so much but never played an instrument. I was in choir in school, but thought I was pretty sucky at singing.  So when I saw this and they said no experience necessary, I knew I had to give it a try.

This experience is a testament to living life from the heart and with passion.  Not long after I signed up I realized that I totally manifested this for myself about 3 years ago. I was speaking on a stage to about 50 women about passion and out of my mouth (it was not in my planned talk) I told this whole crowd of strangers that one of my secret passions was to be in a rock band.

I never spoke about it out loud before because who was I, the girl with no musical talent, to have such a dream. For some (Divine?) reason it came out of my mouth that day and out into the ether.

Lo and behold, 3 years later, a friends post about Ladies Rock Camp showed up in my Facebook news feed.  Finally my chance had arrived!

I am not going to share the details about the camp in this post (I will write more on it later because it was such a powerful, liberating and FUN experience), but I will tell you that it was so empowering and so amazing. I was totally out of my comfort zone. I had never attempted to play the guitar before and here I was… preparing to go on a stage… a real stage… at a real music hall… with a real audience…and I was having a blast!

I share this with you one because it was so cool I cannot contain myself, and secondly because I want you to experience living with passion the way I did this past weekend at camp (and everyday!). I know it’s possible.

You just have to open your heart and ask her what she desires.  Write it down (or you could shout it out to a crowd of 50 strangers, LOL) and let yourself have it.

Here is the secret…don’t hold on to how it is supposed to look or when it will come about.  Just have the passion, the desire and be open to seeing it when it shows up.  It is that simple… and you can do it too.

I had no idea how this secret passionate dream of mine would ever come to be when I shouted it out to that audience.  I didn’t have to. I just had to allow my heart to open up and allow this desire to come through.  The rest took care of itself.

If you are craving more…more fun, passion, connection and spark in life…I have just the program to help you get started. The Passion Starter Program starts February 4th. It is a 4- week teleclass group program (so you can join in no matter where you live!). Details will be coming out later this week on how to get registered. I cannot wait for you to join me!

So remember, let yourself listen to your heart…she will not steer you wrong!

With passion and peace,

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