What I Learned At Summer Camp, Part 2- The Rub

We all go through many things in our life that “rub” us “the wrong way”. It seems there is always “something”…people who rub us the wrong way, the project that is the thorn in our side, the nagging health problem, struggles with money or abundance, a heart that feels disappointed or hurt.

If we take notice, we might even find a few themes that keep themselves on replay. Showing up over and over. Leaving us wondering, “why does this keep happening?”

We often take these experiences on as part of our identity. It might go something like this:

“I have a weak back”

“I never can get ahead”

“I’m such a klutz”

“I’m always left out”

All these “rubs” are perceived as negative. Something we don’t want. We spend a lot of our energy wishing they would just go away. We curse them. We chastise them. We declare how wonderful our life would be if they would just go away.

It is exhausting and frustrating. Trying so hard to get the “rub” to go away robs us of our joy on a daily basis.

Here’s the thing…. what if the “rub” is a teacher designed to steer you and guide you to a more supported state…guiding you to what your heart and soul really want…to joy and love?

Crazy sounding? Maybe…but just think about it.

If you have a pair of shoes that rubs your toe…you make an adjustment. Most of the time we don’t keep walking in those shoes in constant pain. We stop and put on a Band-Aid, a sock or some thing to cushion the spot. Or just take the shoes off. We recognize that the pain, the red spot or forming blister is telling us that something is not fitting correctly. We learn from it.

Perhaps the “rub” in your life is doing the same.

Perhaps the job is no longer fitting or the attitude about the job needs adjusted.

Maybe the relationship needs a more loving approach or maybe its no longer serving you.

Maybe the health issue is our body’s way of saying STOP! Stop living in constant stress. Stop feeding me crap food.

Maybe your tummy troubles are showing you that there are things in your life you are not digesting well.

If you are getting a message that something doesn’t feel good…listen to that message and see what you can do from the inside out to shift the experience.

Life is supposed to feel good. Somewhere along the way that message got lost. We accept walking through life getting rubbed the wrong way all day long. We have accepted that true happiness is only for a few lucky ones.

That’s just not true.

Instead of fighting the rub or just living with the pain of the rub, how about being open to seeing every rub, and I do mean EVERY one of them, in your life as a teacher here to steer you toward more understanding and knowing of YOU and ultimate to more love, more joy.

You are so powerful. You are the Divine in a human body. You just have to learn to trust “the rub”…it’s you’re here to guide to something that feels better.

With passion and peace,