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Walking in the Rain….

Hello my friend, This morning as I set out for a walk it began to rain. My first instinct was to head back in and forget my walk for the day.  But something was pulling me to keep walking, despite the rain. So instead, I grabbed a rain jacket and set out on my walk....

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I’m Blaming The Moon

I’ve been wonky, worked up, freaking out a bit the last couple days. Oh yeah and tired, cranky and teary, too. I find myself questioning every aspect of my life, all my choices. Am I really a good coach, should I just go back to corporate America? Is this networking...

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Flowing or Pushing in 2016

Hello beautiful…it’s been a while. Happy 2016! I have missed you! I hope you have missed me a little too. I didn’t fall off the earth, well not physically anyway. I did fall into a space of less doing and more being. Allowing myself to not...

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Thanksgiving Wish for You

Thanksgiving Wish for You I want to wish you a beautiful, heartfelt, love-filled Thanksgiving Day.  If you are not in the US...I wish you a beautiful, heartfelt, love-filled Thursday! It is hard for me to believe the holiday season is already upon us....

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How the “Rub” in Your Life is a Very Good Thing

What I Learned At Summer Camp, Part 2- The Rub

We all go through many things in our life that “rub” us “the wrong way”. It seems there is always “something”…people who rub us the wrong way, the project that is the thorn in our side, the nagging health problem, struggles with money or abundance, a heart that feels disappointed or hurt.

If we take notice, we might even find a few themes that keep themselves on replay. Showing up over and over. Leaving us wondering, “why does this keep happening?”

We often take these experiences on as part of our identity. It might go something like this:

“I have a weak back”

“I never can get ahead”

“I’m such a klutz”

“I’m always left out”

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What I learned at Summer Camp Part 1

This summer I attended a grown up version of ‘’summer camp”. This particular retreat was all about play and really landing in your body, in your core.

Camp was filled with fun activities like slack lines, hula hooping, Indo boards, and paddle boarding, along with some meditation and yoga of course.

I learned so much about myself in these 3 days of “camp”.

First and foremost the intention of this camp was about connecting with our core in a deep, playful way. And most importantly to remember to have fun! It can be SO HARD for us adults to find the play rather than the judgment, competition and doubt especially when trying something new and physically challenging.

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Why my tears were a good thing

It can be difficult sometimes to step up for ourselves, to care for ourselves deeply. To put that flag in the ground and own our happiness and the love inside us. I know because I have been there and still am. Last night I cried on the phone with my husband because I was feeling selfish for taking some time at our lake place while he is home working, for not having an outside job for extra money while growing my business.

He let me cry and reminded me that it is more than okay that I am here, where I am and what I am doing in this world…that I am honoring myself (and sharing my journey with others) and that’s the most important thing in this life experience. So I cried a bit while he held space for me and then came back to my breath…back to my Essential Self. Back to my knowing.

BTW…need I say how much I love this man!?

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My secret dream to be a Rock star and how I made it come true this weekend

Yep…I did it! I got to be a rock start this past weekend.

Yesterday was my birthday! I have come to absolutely love my birthdays and make a conscious effort to really celebrate myself. I plan things I love and try to be with people I love. Yesterday I played with my dogs, Skyped with a dear friend, answered numerous sweet phone calls with birthday wishes, went to yoga class, basked in all the Facebook happy birthday messages, ate a healthy lunch, went on a walk and had dinner with one of my best friends and capped it off with a movie snuggled on my couch.

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5 Rules Standing in Your Way of Freedome Passion and Possibility

As we wrap up 2014 and begin thinking about the New Year, I have been reflecting on my own journey to living with more passion, peace, pleasure and presence (a journey that continues on a minute by minute basis I might add) and how I can help you live that way also.

I have several new programs brewing for 2015, but to get us started, I think we need to do a little “rule breaking”.

Yep…it is time to bust up some of the rules we have been living by, often completely unconsciously. These “rules” are either implied or specifically stated to us through our life by a parent, teacher, boss, co-worker, spouse, friend, book, movies, or even television.

I have found many of these “rules” serve only to keep us stuck and often in a place of self judgment and fear. So as we say good-bye to 2014, let’s also see if we can say goodbye to some of these “rules” too.

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